Yo Is This Racist

Andrew Ti recently answered a question about Netflix being racist.  

Shout out to anyone who’s ever watched and liked a movie on Netflix starring a person of color and then has gotten a thousand suggestions for films that have absolutely nothing in common with that film except that they also happen to star a person of color.
Wtf, Netflix?
On that tip, they do the SAME SHIT if you watch a movie about a prostitute or a lesbian.
I know y’all mean well but I’m not sure having a gay and lesbian category really makes SENSE to me. That’s not a genre of film last I checked. Kind of insulted by it TBH.
K thnx baiiii

Its so stupid people will reblog porn but bash you for being a stripper




I literally had an anon send me a message that was like, “You’re a dumb whore, send me a video of yourself.”  !!!!

Like if that doesn’t perfectly epitomize the entire attitude that entitled, misogynistic men have about sex workers, I don’t know what does.  It was absolutely TOO perfect.

What is a guy meant to do during a lap dance?


Eat his heart out.

Forget she’s a person. But men are good at that.


so maybe I did just lowkey join the fat girl crop top movement.

Dear skinny girls,


If fat girls aren’t supposed to wear crop tops and high-waisted shorts then why do they make them in our size?

A fat girl wearing a crop top and high-waisted shorts

How not to shoot an outfit



How not to shoot an outfit, in 6 easy steps

1. Know that in summer, the only time you can shoot is at dawn or around sundown, but disregard that entirely and tell yourself that the light won’t be that harsh at midday because it’s cloudy. This, obviously, has no basis in reality because…